Spotlight: Lenora Cash of Jewelry by LaCash


Spotlight: Lenora Cash of Jewelry by LaCash

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Lenora Cash reached a low point in her life years ago with two, possible life ending, diseases on separate occasions. A point that many would see is bleak and emotional, became a point of rejuvenation and triumph for Lenora. After leaving her 20 year nursing career behind, due to her condition, she threw herself into her passion for culture and her love for jewelry. Through her passion and determination, Lenora survived both events and created a business through her journey

As a native of Charleston, she was born for the desire to learn about her culture, and through herFS-3.5X2-BC-TEMPLATEAD line Jewelry by LaCash, she is able to share that knowledge and experience with women and men alike. Her handcrafted creations feature bold colors, shapes, and patterns themed around the rich histories and cultures of Africa. Lenora creates her pieces to influence people be the leader, not the follower, while creating your own style and identity.

Her story is truly an inspiration because not only is she an example of chasing your dreams, despite tragedy, but that it is possible to beat the odds and give others hope. With a pure heart and busy hands, the world is at her fingertips! Her extraordinary tale is definitely noteworthy and gives me chills everytime! Check it out below!

Lenora Cash’s Interview
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